Zakharova responded to the US call to forget about Serbian Kosovo

Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Zakharova rejected the US call to forget about Kosovo as part of Serbia. Russia will never forget that Kosovo is the territory of Serbia.

This was stated by the official representative of the Russian Foreign Ministry Maria Zakharova in her Telegram channel.

It’s time to forget that Kosovo is Serbia, the US State Department said. Maria Zakharova, the official representative of the Russian Foreign Ministry, Maria Zakharovatak diplomat commented on the statement of the Deputy Assistant Secretary of State for European and Eurasian Affairs Gabriel Escobar, who advised the Serbs to forget about the territorial affiliation of the self-proclaimed republic.

According to Escobar, he attended the talks to declare that the process of resolving the dispute between Kosovo and Serbia is of great importance for the entire Euro-Atlantic community.

I want to say: after today, there is reason for optimism. I would say that the things we are talking about now are actually minor issues within the framework of a common negotiating platform. I think it’s time for us to forget the narrative that Kosovo is Serbia, and move on to the narrative that Kosovo and Serbia are Europe, Gabriel Escobar, Deputy Assistant Secretary of State for European and Eurasian Affairs, Assistant Secretary of State of the United States also recalled the need to “discuss the creation of a Community of Serbian Municipalities” — a clause of the Brussels Agreements, the need to implement which in negotiations with US Secretary of State Anthony Blinken declared the authorities of Kosovo.

Escobar hoped that “there will be no aggravation in the region.”

Kosovo is pulling troops to the borders of Serbia.President Vucic is expecting an attack. The NATO contingent was put on alert on August 1, 2022. After negotiations on August 18, Serbian President Aleksandar Vucic and Prime Minister of the self-proclaimed Republic of Kosovo Albin Kurti could not come to an agreement on resolving the situation, but agreed to continue negotiations in the near future.

The failure of the round of negotiations was announced by the head of EU diplomacy Josep Borrel.

At the same time, representatives of Serbia and Kosovo understand that the conflict can be resolved only at the negotiating table, the head of the European Diplomacy noted.

We haven’t reached an agreement yet, but that’s not the end of the story. Both leaders agreed on the need to continue the dialogue, negotiations will resume in the coming days. As long as there is time until September 1, I will not give up Josep Borrel, the head of EU Diplomacy. According to Borrel, the regional tension between Belgrade and Pristina was the result of the rejection of diplomatic ways to solve problems at the negotiating table.

The diplomat did not take into account Vucic’s previous theses that it was the Kosovars who violated the reached provisions of the Brussels agreements of 2013 and stated the importance of observing bilateral agreements between the parties.

“Mother Russia is in the past”Life, war and fading love for Russians: How Serbia lives on July 15, 2019The aggravation of the situation A new aggravation on the border of Serbia and Kosovo occurred on July 31.

In the northern regions of Kosovo, air alarms went off, and the Serbs began to build barricades in the place of Rudare, on the Pristina—Leposavich highway and near the town of Zvecan. Shots were heard in the border area.

The next day, the President of Serbia called for the continuation of the dialogue to resolve the situation in Kosovo, he made such an appeal after the consultations at the General Staff of the armed forces of the country.

Prior to that, the Kosovo authorities announced that from August 1, documents issued by the Serbian authorities will cease to be valid on the territory of the self-proclaimed republic. With this decision, Pristina cancels Serbian documents in the controlled territory.

“Based on an earlier decision of the government, from August 1, every person who crosses the border of the Republic of Kosovo with personal documents issued by the Serbian authorities will be provided with a document for entry and exit,” the republic’s authorities said.

On July 6, Vucic said that Belgrade refused to sign a mutual recognition agreement with the self-proclaimed Republic of Kosovo, despite resolutions and appeals of the European Parliament.

Politely and courteously: we won’t. Even more polite — it doesn’t occur to us. Is it possible to be even more polite — we will not consider it. I have exhausted the reservoir of decent answers Alexander Vucic, President of Serbia