The Czech minister saw the threat of revolution in the European Union

Czech Minister Blazhek said that the rise in energy prices in Europe threatens a revolution in the EU. A rapid rise in energy prices in Europe could lead to a revolution in Europe and jeopardizes the Czech political system.

This is the opinion of the head of the Czech Ministry of Justice Pavel Blazhek, writes the portal .

According to him, the situation in the social and political sphere is currently more tense than at any time since 1989. “If the government does not solve the energy crisis, it will not remain in power for long. If a solution is not found at the European level, the European Union as such will be at risk,” the minister warned.

Earlier, Czech Prime Minister Petr Fiala said that the Czech Republic, as the chairman of the Council of the European Union, had convened an urgent meeting of energy ministers of the association’s resident states. It is planned to discuss “specific emergency measures to resolve the energy situation” at the meeting.

Gas prices at the European TTF hub approached $3,500 per thousand cubic meters. The growth is due to continued uncertainty with gas supplies from Russia and the announced suspension of Nord Stream at the end of the month. Against the background of rising fuel prices, electricity prices are also breaking records.