The Old Believers declared the Pope’s readiness to visit Donbass

The head of the Union of Old Believers Sevastyanov: the Pope is ready to visit the “Alley of Angels” in Donbass, Pope Francis is ready to discuss ending the conflict in Ukraine in Kiev, having arrived there from Russia via Donbass.

This was announced by the chairman of the World Union of Old Believers Leonid Sevastyanov, who maintains contact with the pontiff, in an interview with RIA Novosti.

“Dad is ready to come (to Russia) at any time, I believe that the sooner he arrives, the better. He is ready to come to Donbass at any time, but there is no way to get there, only through Russia. His ideal vision is that he will come to Moscow and Donbass and leave for Kiev. This is if we are talking about his readiness,” he said. According to Sevastyanov, if we are talking about visiting the Alley of Angels, then the pope is ready to serve a memorial service there and meet with the parents of the deceased children.

The head of the Union stressed that he had talked about this with the Pope personally and kept in touch with him on a weekly basis. “Here is an important fact that they are trying to politicize the pope, but he is not a politician, he treats all people equally, for him the value of human life is greater than belonging to a particular territory or country (…) He is ready to visit Donbass, meet with everyone who wants to meet with him, see, hear, pray,” Sevastyanov said.

On May 3, Pope Francis announced that he was ready to go to Moscow to meet with Russian President Vladimir Putin. At the same time, he stressed that he does not plan to visit Kiev before his visit to Moscow. “First I have to meet with Putin,” the pontiff said.