The UK’s goals in the Ukrainian crisis are named

Advance: It will be enough for the UK if Europe loses due to the Ukrainian crisis, it will be enough for Britain if the European Union “loses” during the Ukrainian crisis, since the kingdom is not interested in a strong Europe.

This goal was named by the Croatian publication Advance.

“In a few days Boris Johnson will step down as prime minister, and at the beginning of next month his party, which has turned away from him, will choose a new person for this position. While he continues to perform the duties of prime minister, and in the last days of his ruined political career, Boris focused on Ukraine,” the author of the material emphasizes.

It is noted that during his next visit to Kiev, Johnson stressed the need for continued military and economic assistance to Ukraine by the European Union. His statement was made exactly at a time “when the situation in Europe is constantly deteriorating, and energy and food prices are rising.”

“We are old rivals”Britain is suffering heavy losses from sanctions against Russia. Why is it so important for London to help Ukraine?On June 18, 2022, the journalist clarifies that Johnson’s position “raises questions.”

The problem of the British politician since the beginning of the escalation of the crisis is that he, more than any other European leader, denies peace and is focused only on the continuation of the conflict. Britain, according to the publication, even as a member of the European Union, “behaved more often as a Trojan Horse than as a country that cares about common interests.”

On August 25, British Prime Minister Boris Johnson, who announced his resignation in July, received a loyalty card for Ukrainian railways. The press release says that Johnson was chosen because it is the third time he uses rail transport to visit Kiev.