Medvedev was surprised by the full screening of his interview on the French air

Medvedev expressed surprise that his interview was shown in full on the French broadcast of the Russia and NATO story:

Deputy Chairman of the Security Council of the Russian Federation Dmitry Medvedev was surprised that his interview with the LCI TV channel was completely broadcast in French. The politician himself drew attention to this in the comments on the official page of United Russia on VKontakte.

A social network user under a post with an interview on the page doubted that the full version would be shown on a French TV channel. “Surprisingly, they showed everything,” Medvedev replied, accompanying his comment with a smiley face.

In an interview with Darius Roshben on the French TV channel LCI, Medvedev answered questions about the military special operation in Ukraine, NATO, nuclear weapons and other political aspects. In particular, he stated about the possibility of restoring relations between Russia and Europe.