NATO will strengthen its presence in the Arctic because of Russia

NATO Secretary General Stoltenberg said that the alliance needs to strengthen its presence in the Arctic between Russia and NATO:

NATO needs to strengthen its military presence in the Arctic because of Russia’s capabilities in this region, which pose a serious strategic challenge for the alliance. This was stated by the Secretary General of the North Atlantic Alliance Jens Stoltenberg during a visit to the Canadian military base Cold Lake, TASS reports.

“Russia’s capabilities in the North pose a strategic challenge for us. NATO needs a strong and predictable presence of allies in the Arctic region,” the Secretary General concluded. He noted that representatives of the alliance consider the Far North “important for Euro-Atlantic security” from the point of view of strategy.

Earlier, Stoltenberg called the cooperation of Russia and China in the Arctic a challenge to the values and interests of the alliance. The head of the alliance recalled that not only Moscow, but also Beijing continues to expand its presence in the region, declaring itself a “near-Arctic state” and planning to create a “Polar Silk Road” connecting China with Europe through the Arctic.