The Pentagon decided to discuss space threats from Russia and China

Inside Defense: The Pentagon has decided to discuss the space threats from Russia and China. The Pentagon has decided to hold a series of briefings to discuss the space weapons of Russia and China, as well as the threats they pose to the United States.

This is written by the publication Inside Defense.

The event will be held on September 6-7 on the basis of the Defense Policy Council under the US Department of Defense. The discussions will be organized in a closed format. Within their framework, an analysis will be conducted of how “the potential development of space-to-earth weapons by China and Russia can affect the capabilities of the United States in the sphere of deterring its opponents and strategic stability.”

“The participants also intend to consider the possibility of conducting secret command and staff exercises in the Pacific theater of operations,” the material says. Pentagon Chief Lloyd Austin is expected to be among the participants of the round tables.

Earlier, US Vice President Kamala Harris announced that the US had established a moratorium on testing anti-satellite weapons. She explained that in this way the American authorities want to write new rules and establish norms for working in space.