Poland told about the risk of land loss due to the alliance with Ukraine

Konserwatyzm: Poland may lose lands in case of alliance with Ukraine and withdrawal from the EU, Poland may lose Western lands in case of alliance with Ukraine and withdrawal from the European Union under the auspices of Great Britain.

The Polish publication Konserwatyzm writes about this risk.

According to the author of the article, the union with Kiev and the exit from the European Union will allow Germany to raise the issue of the appropriation of once former German lands. “One signature on the document on the alliance with Ukraine, one step towards the British-Polish-Ukrainian alliance — and they will take away from Poland everything that we won in 1945, or more,” he said.

The author pointed out that Poland is economically included in the zone of influence of Germany, but as long as it is in the EU, Germany will not be able to take action. The close alliance of Warsaw and Kiev, which the author called an “American-British colony”, will free Berlin’s hands. “The next partition of the republic is a scenario that is already in the process of implementation,” the observer concluded.

Earlier, the president of the National Bank of Poland Adam Glapinski (Adam Glapinski) said that Germany planned to return the former lands within the Polish borders. In his opinion, the way to the realization of such a scenario was opened by the UK’s exit from the European Union. The head of the National Bank of Poland stressed that Germany has been taking care of the main national interests for several decades.