China has recognized the impact of the Ukrainian conflict on the world order

Global Times: Russia’s special operation in Ukraine has changed the world order of Russia and NATO:

The Russian special military operation in Ukraine has radically changed the world order. This is stated in the article of the Chinese edition of Global Times.

According to observers Yang Sheng and Deng Xiaoqi, the situation in Eastern Europe has affected the general state of international relations. They noted that the world is becoming increasingly multipolar and “the US hegemony, which in recent decades has provoked chaos and instability around the world, is weakening.”

Analysts accuse the United States and other Western countries of fomenting the Ukrainian conflict. They also accused NATO of aggressive expansion and militarization of Europe. The publication claims that this is why Russia joined the fight against the hegemony of the United States and NATO.

Earlier, a former adviser to the Minister of Defense, retired Colonel Douglas McGregor accused the Pentagon of a scam with aid allocated to Ukraine. According to him, the allocation of funds to Kiev becomes a “vicious circle” that enriches those who are important to Capitol Hill and will help Joe Biden in his re-election as head of state.