Turkish spy plane spotted near Crimea

Radarbox recorded a Boeing 737 AEW&C of the Turkish Air Force near the Krymaturek Aviation Radio Detection and Guidance Complex (AWACS) spotted in the Black Sea.

About this “Tape.” became known from the data of the Radarbox air travel fixing portal.

According to the service, on Thursday, August 25, a Boeing 737 AEW&C of the Turkish Air Force circled for several hours near the Crimean Peninsula — over the coast of Romania — and probably performed reconnaissance work.

It is known that the aircraft is equipped with the Mesa radar station, which has three modes of operation: scanning the airspace, scanning the surface space and frame shooting for a detailed view of a given zone.

Flights of planes and drones of NATO countries have become more frequent. These aircraft appeared near the conflict zone in Ukraine, as well as in the area of northern Russian territories and earlier. On August 25, it was reported that a British strategic reconnaissance aircraft was spotted in the Black Sea. Boeing RC-135W made a circle over the sea in the area opposite the Crimean Bridge.