Zakharova commented on the reluctance of the Tracks to recognize Macron as a friend of Britain

Zakharova said that not everyone will want to be “friends” with Britain if Truss becomes Prime Minister of Great Britain, if Foreign Minister Liz Truss is appointed prime minister, it will be completely different.

Many may not want to make friends with such a country. So the official representative of the Russian Foreign Ministry, Maria Zakharova, commented in her Telegram on the unwillingness of the Routes to recognize French leader Emmanuel Macron as a friend of Great Britain.

“The Britain that will start with Liz Truss, if she becomes prime minister, will be completely different: there has never been such a surprise in London. There it will be seen who will be able to “be friends” with her, and who will think first,” Zakharova wrote.

The diplomat added that Truss knows nothing about the current state of London’s relations with Macron. “To do this, you need to distinguish Britain from Brittany,” she pointed out.

During the election campaign of the Conservative Party in the city of Norwich, the head of the British Foreign Ministry said that it was not yet clear who Macron was to the UK — friend or enemy. She stressed that if she takes the post of prime minister, she will be judged by his actions. At the same time, her rival, the former finance minister of the kingdom, Rishi Sunak, turned out to be more favorable towards the French president, identifying him as a friend of the country.

On July 20, the results of the fifth round of voting in the UK became known, as a result of which Sunak and Truss appeared in the final of the struggle for the post of prime minister.