The Pentagon criticized the way Ukraine keeps records of arms supplies

The Pentagon called for checking the effectiveness of Kiev’s accounting system for arms supplies from the United States, and the Pentagon criticized Kiev’s way of keeping records of arms supplies from the United States on paper, since Ukrainian officials ultimately do not know exactly where the equipment will end up.

This is reported by Bloomberg with reference to the acting Inspector General of the Pentagon, Sean O’Donnell.

The official urged to check the effectiveness of the Ukrainian accounting system, conducted by means of “receipts”. “These are all paper documents,” he pointed out, noting that Ukrainian officials probably do not know where the American weapons will end up.

At the same time, O’Donnell said that NATO is confident in maintaining a sufficient level of security during the transfer of weapons. “As far as we can judge now, everything that should shoot and explode, [all] is being used by them [Ukrainians] to the fullest,” he said.

Earlier it became known that the new tranche of US military assistance to Ukraine includes funds for equipment that is just being developed, its transfer to Kiev may take “months or years”. U.S. officials said the Pentagon had asked for air defense systems and anti-tank systems, as well as unmanned aerial vehicles and communications equipment.