Hague’s desire to be excluded from EU sanctions against Russia explained

Political scientist Byshok: The EU will meet The Hague halfway and give a delay to find a replacement for Gazprom

The European Union will meet the Hague city administration halfway and give a delay to find a replacement for Gazprom. But it will be temporary, understandable and absolutely not scandalous, said Stanislav Byshok, Candidate of Political Sciences. In conversation with the “Tape.” he explained the desire of The Hague.

The Municipality of The Hague wanted a temporary exemption from sanctions against Russia. This was stated by a member of the city council Saskia Breines in a corresponding letter. Thus, according to the restrictions imposed by the European Union (EU), governments and other government agencies must terminate existing contracts with Russian companies by October 10. In June and July, The Hague unsuccessfully tried to find a gas supplier to replace Gazprom.

“We will ask for an exception to be made for our current agreement before January 1, 2023, to guarantee the security of supplies and facilitate negotiations,” the letter says.

Even if Hungary was given a reprieve with its political statements, then even more so one of the central countries of the European project, the Netherlands, will meet halfway, Stanislav Byshokpolitol”It was assumed that EU countries that are further away from Russia are less dependent on Russian gas and oil and can immediately join the sanctions.

But it turned out that this is not quite true,” Byshok noted.

At the same time, the political scientist is convinced that in the future countries dependent on Russian energy will find new suppliers.

“In order not to make it worse for themselves with sanctions, countries are asking for a delay. But they are not talking about the lifting of sanctions. They just need to put their economy in order, at least as far as energy is concerned, namely, to find a supplier. Well, and finally close this story with Russia,” he said.

Byshok explained that such appeals from countries do not change the general mood. “The overall picture is that so far we do not see any opportunities for the sanctions to be lifted. There may be a delay for a month or two or a year,” he concluded.

Earlier it became known that the former German subsidiary of Gazprom SEFE Securing Energy for Europe GmbH (formerly known as Gazprom Germania GmbH) will need more than five billion euros to replace the undelivered Russian gas.