It became known about the threats of the CIA to Turkish businessmen because of trade with Russia

Yeni Şafak: CIA officers threatened Turkish businessmen because of their trade ties with Russias Employees of the US Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) threatened Turkish businessmen because of their trade ties with Russia.

This became known to the newspaper Yeni Şafak, RIA Novosti reports.

According to the publication, the American authorities interfered in matters not included in their duties, crossed borders and tried to interrogate Turkish entrepreneurs. “The US intelligence service had the audacity to threaten Turkish businessmen about trade with Russia at meetings that were also attended by a CIA representative in Turkey,” the article says.

In particular, Yeni Şafak writes that Washington threatened employees of construction companies cooperating with Russian organizations. So, a CIA officer asked businessmen from the housing sector about how many houses they sold to Russians, in what currency they formed the price, through which channel the payment was made.

Earlier, The Wall Street Journal wrote that the United States is increasing pressure on Turkey, warning companies against cooperating with individuals and legal entities of Russian individuals who are under sanctions. Thus, the first Deputy Minister of Finance of the United States Adevale Adeyemo threatened Turkish companies with problems, noting that they risk falling under American restrictions.