Truss refused to recognize Macron as a friend of the UK

Truss questioned whether it was possible to call French President Macron a friend of Great Britain, the head of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MFA) of Great Britain and the candidate for prime Minister of the country, Liz Truss, refused to recognize French President Emmanuel Macron as a friend for her country.

Her words are reported by Sky News.

She said this during the election campaign of the Conservative Party in Norwich, in response to a question about whether Macron is a friend or an enemy for the country. “It’s not clear yet… If I become prime minister, I will judge him by his actions, not by his words,” Truss doubted.

The question was addressed to both candidates for the post of Prime Minister. Her rival, the former finance minister of the kingdom, Rishi Sunak, turned out to be more favorable towards the French president, identifying him as a friend of Great Britain.

Relations between France and the UK remain somewhat strained due to disagreements, including regarding illegal migration and fishing in the English Channel.

On July 20, the results of the fifth round of voting in the UK became known, as a result of which Sunak and Truss appeared in the final of the struggle for the post of prime minister.