In France, they named the reason for Putin’s distrust of Macron

BV: Russian President Putin does not trust Macron because of his incorrect diplomacy, Columnist Nicolas Gaultier called the policy of French President Emmanuel Macron the reason why Russian President Vladimir Putin does not trust him.

He wrote about this in an article for Boulevard Voltaire.

As Gauthier notes, Macron’s policy contradicts his words about the “brain death” of NATO. France should do everything possible to stop the conflict in Ukraine, but, the author of the material emphasizes, this requires decent diplomacy, from which Macron is far away. On the contrary, he hinders the settlement by providing military assistance to Kiev, the article says.

“It will be objected to me that at the same time he stubbornly maintains ties with Vladimir Putin, which does him honor. But does the Russian leader listen to the voice of France? This is a big question,” says Gauthier.

Macron expressed the opinion that NATO is experiencing “brain death” in 2019. According to him, the United States is increasingly moving away from Europe.

The last talks between the leaders of France and Russia took place on August 19 this year, during which various aspects of the situation in Ukraine were touched upon.