The Federation Council considered it pointless to continue the dialogue with NATO

Deputy Chairman of the Federation Council Kosachev found it pointless to conduct a dialogue with the National Collective West in the personification of NATO is monolithic, and rigid block discipline drives countries into the same positions.

This was stated at the session of the Valdai international discussion club by Deputy Chairman of the Federation Council of Russia Konstantin Kosachev, the correspondent of “”.

The politician considered the continuation of the dialogue with NATO outside the framework of technical issues pointless. “I think it is pointless to conduct this dialogue, well, except for some purely technical confidence-building measures and reducing the level of confrontation, preventing incidents at sea, in the air and on land,” the deputy chairman of the Federation Council said.

Earlier, Kosachev said that Russia’s European choice was in the past. “Russia’s former fixation on exclusive and exclusive relations with the West in the face of the same united Europe will definitely not be,” he said.