Republicans accused Biden of excessive rest

Republicans said Biden had rested for 228 days in 19 months as president since taking office in January 2021, US President Joe Biden had rested for 228 days.

This was announced by the Republican National Committee on the RNC Research Twitter account.

It is also estimated that this year the American leader was on vacation for 93 days.

Moreover, Republicans criticized the head of the White House for such a long absence. “Biden is on vacation for almost the entire month of August, while Americans are forced to cancel their summer trips due to historical inflation, high gas prices and the recession,” the committee said in a statement on its website.

The Republican National Committee called on the US president to “focus on the crises he has created.”

Earlier, the New York Post (NYP) newspaper reported that during his presidential term, Biden rested more than any of his predecessors. In particular, for 19 months he spent 150 days in his residence in Delaware. At the same time, according to the publication, former US leader Donald Trump spent 132 days there during this period, Barack Obama – 38, and George W. Bush — 100 days.

Prior to that, NYP reported that US President Joe Biden is spending his vacation in a luxurious mansion worth about $ 20 million in South Carolina. According to the interlocutor of the publication, the American president and his family, including his son Hunter Biden, went to the estate, which is located on Kiawa Island and belongs to the well-known sponsor of the Democratic Party Maria Allwin, the widow of the founder of the hedge fund James Allwin.