In China, Putin’s statement about the United States was considered important

Global Times: Russian President Putin made an important statement about the hegemony of the United States

During the Eastern Economic Forum, Russian President Vladimir Putin made an important statement about the hegemony of the United States. This was pointed out by the columnist of the Chinese newspaper Global Times Wang Wen.

The essence of the Russian leader’s speech was the assertion that no country can isolate Russia, since the dominance of the United States in world politics is waning, the expert explained. He agreed with this statement, pointing to the emerging largest industrial and production belt in the Far East, the total volume of exports in which has already exceeded the same figure for the European Union and North America combined.

“The next two decades will see the largest transfer of wealth in history from both shores of the Atlantic to the Far East,” Wang is sure.

On August 16, Putin said that the West is trying to preserve the elusive hegemony by pursuing a policy of restraining any alternative ways of development. “They (globalist elites — approx. “Tapes.They are trying with all their might to preserve the hegemony and power that is slipping out of their hands, they are trying to keep countries and peoples in the grip of a neocolonial order,” he said. Putin added that their hegemony means stagnation for the rest of the world, for the entire civilization, “obscurantism and the abolition of culture.”

Earlier, China pointed to the failure of the West’s economic war with Russia. “The West can continue to claim that its sanctions are working, but more and more facts say the opposite,” the Global Times noted.