S7 allowed to return two Boeing 737MAX to Turkey

Airplane of S7 airlines Boeing 737 . Archive photo

The Russian government has allowed the Russian airline S7 the export from Russia of two Boeing 737 MAX, it follows from the respective order.

S7 previously asked the government for permission to return the aircraft to a foreign lessors. The press service of the S7 reported that the company plans to return to the lessor of the two ships Boeing 737-8 MAX “because of the absence of the type certificate in Russia and, consequently, the impossibility of its use.” The Minister of transport of the Russian Federation Vitaly Saveliev said that a special Commission, which determines the permissions on the export of aircraft.

“Allow OOO “Globus” (“daughter” of S7 – ed.), until 31 December 2022, inclusive of export outside the territory of the Russian Federation to the Republic of Turkey products, according to the list according to Appendix”, – stated in the order.

The inventory includes two Boeing 737-8 MAX.