The ex-mayor of Arkhangelsk was arrested for organizing an illegal rally in Moscow

The ex-mayor of Arkhangelsk Donskoy was arrested for 15 days for organizing a rally in Moskvetagan, the Moscow court arrested the ex-mayor of Arkhangelsk Alexander Donskoy for 15 days, finding him guilty of violating the order when organizing a suppressed illegal rally in the center of the capital.

This is reported by TASS.

The court’s decision has not entered into force and may be appealed on appeal within the time limits established by law. Donskoy himself, in an interview with the agency, denied the accusations and said that during the detention, police officers inflicted bruises on him.

Earlier, the Tagansky court in Moscow arrested the organizer of the illegal run of elite sports cars of the “Rich and successful” Alexey Khitrov.

On August 28, law enforcement officers stopped unauthorized car racing. The police detained about 90 owners of expensive cars, including ex-Mayor of Arkhangelsk Alexander Donskoy, who had previously been warned about the ban on holding the event. It was planned that the stickers “Rich and successful” would be pasted on the sports cars.

According to preliminary data, more than 170 elite expensive car brands were going to take part in the rally in the center of Moscow, in particular Lamborghini, Rolls-Royce Phantom, Ferrari, Mercedes-Benz G63 Brabus, Porsche, Hummer H1, Chevy Covette C8, Audi RS5 and Bentley Continental GT II. Most of the foreign cars are now on a special site for subsequent verification of illegal modification and making illegal changes to the design.