Vucic announced the search for an alternative to Russian fuel

The President Of Serbia Alexander Vucic. Archive photo

The President of Serbia Aleksandr Vucic said that Serbia is preparing an alternative to the purchase of Russian fuel and try to buy oil including in Venezuela, and coal in Indonesia, reports Reuters.

“We will take Iraq (oil)… Also I will try to negotiate with Venezuela. We would take anywhere. We are not picky,” said Vucic in an interview.

Serbia also plans to import oil from Azerbaijan in 2023 and to the maximum increased the reserves of gas in storage facilities. According to Vucic, these reserves should last more than 60 days.

In addition, the President expressed the desire of Serbia to buy about 2 million tons of coal in China and Indonesia for power plants, which produce about 70% of electricity in the country.

Serbian President on August 21, reminding the citizens that from 1 November due to sanctions Serbia will not be able to get oil from Russia, who is brought into the country by tankers in the Adriatic sea, and then by pipeline through Croatia. He told me that alternative raw materials – oil from Iraq’s Kirkuk is $ 31 per barrel more expensive than Russian, which will lead to the loss budget of $ 600 million per year. In mid-July, the Serbian President suggested that “if necessary, you can negotiate with the Russians for the duration of the sanctions to transfer the Oil industry of Serbia (NIS) to the state and to bring us back when sanctions end”.

In late June, Vucic said that the oil can flow into the only Republic on the Adriatic JANAF pipeline from the port of Omisalj Croatia to the refinery in pančevo Oil industry of Serbia, which 56,15% owned by “Gazprom oil” and “Gazprom”.

In addition, the head of Ministry of the Russian Federation Nikolay Shulginov and the Minister for innovation and technological development of Serbia Nenad Popovic in the framework of SPIEF, held a meeting, and discussed how to eliminate the consequences of the impending embargo on Russian oil supplies to Serbia.

The port of Omisalj is located in the Northern part of the island Krk in the Adriatic sea, there is a terminal for receiving tankers with crude oil and petroleum products. The state oil pipeline operator JANAF in Croatia announced on April 22 that it will continue the supply of raw materials NIS after removal from the package of EU sanctions. In January NIS signed a new one-year contract with JANAF for the supply of 3.2 million tons of crude oil.