Finland is exploring the possibility of night work due to electricity prices

The bulb. Archive photo

Finnish Väre, one of the dozens of companies involved in the sale of electricity to Finland, reported that gets many inquiries about the possibility of switching contact of the daily electricity consumption at night, according to the public broadcasting Corporation YLE.

We are talking about the plants with a high degree of automation, where the work is done by robots.

“The company selling electricity Väre talks with ten companies and consumers to move the production with the most expensive watches. The company receives new requests every day. Across the country dozens of companies are considering the savings that can be made the night work”, – stated in the message.

In the present study the potential savings due to cheap electricity at night, especially in small and medium scale industries, which are still worked mainly in the afternoon.

It is clarified that the changes will also require negotiations with employees and trade unions, as the night work in Finland has significant overhead and shorter shifts.

The company’s CEO Väre Juha Keski-Karhu., estimated that, for example, for small businesses that 500 megawatt-hours per year, the savings on energy bills can be up to 50 thousand euros. For large customers consumption may be several gigawatt-hours per year, and in this case, the savings are already millions euros, the report States.