Tatarstan and Post Bank have signed a roadmap for cooperation

ATMs “Mail Bank”. Archive photo

President of Tatarstan Rustam Minnikhanov and President, Chairman of the Board of JSC “Mail Bank” Alexander Pakhomov on Monday signed a road map to the development of cooperation agreements, providing for a range of measures to increase the economic potential of the Republic and the availability of financial services, the press service of the head region.

“As noted by the President of Tatarstan Rustam Minnikhanov road map adopted previously signed a cooperation agreement (signed in June 2022). There are a range of measures and above all these activities are aimed at the development of the project “Pushkin map”, – stated in the message.

According to Minnikhanov, this will increase the cultural events that may attend the youth of the country. In addition, cooperation with “Mail Bank” suggests an increase in the availability of banking services, especially in rural areas. Minnikhanov said that the Republic recently opened after renovation 15 of the liaison offices, the following year we also will provide a great program.

The implementation of the road map also provides for the development of lending for housing and educational programs.

The parties discussed the projects aimed at the development and distribution in the region of modern banking technologies and non-cash payment, improving the availability and quality of financial services for the population, including in small and remote settlements. It envisages the development of programs of lending to individuals, cooperation in the framework of the implementation of priority projects and socio-economic programs in the region, including in the sphere of support of families with children and non-cash payment of utility services.

“The main goal to which we will move together with the leadership of the Republic, – the availability of basic banking services in cities and remote villages, as it is one of the key factors for successful socio-economic development of the territory. Today there are 883 service points of the Bank. According to this indicator, Tatarstan is among the top ten regions with the largest network of “Mail of Bank”. Together we will go in the direction of the realization of social projects and programs to improve the quality of life,” said Pakhomov.

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