The Russians refused to condemn for the poster “To the world — the world”

In Ivanovo, the court refused to recognize as discrediting the Armed Forces of Russia a poster with the inscription “Peace to the world”

In Ivanovo, the Soviet district court refused to recognize the poster of local resident Vladislav Gainov, which had the inscription “Peace to the world”, as discrediting the Armed Forces of Russia. This became known from the court order published on the website.

A resident of the city came out with a poster on March 13. The police detained him and took him to the duty station, and also seized personal belongings and a smartphone. A protocol was drawn up against Gainov under Article 20.3.3 of the Administrative Code (“Public actions aimed at discrediting the Armed Forces of Russia”).

Evidence of the man’s guilt was sent to the court, among which were police reports, a protocol on an administrative offense, as well as a letter from the forensic center of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Ivanovo region, which stated that the poster did not contain a negative assessment of the Russian Armed Forces or any allegations about their activities.

“The content of the poster with the above inscription, with which Gainov V.A. was in a public place, in the opinion of the court, does not in itself indicate discrediting the use of the Armed Forces of Russia,” the court said in its decision.

The court decided to terminate the record keeping, as well as to return the seized smartphone to the owner.

Earlier, Alexey Argunov, a philosophy teacher from Barnaul, was punished for discrediting the Russian army because of the emoji “sad” and “class” under posts in Odnoklassniki.