Belousov predicted the peak of EU restrictions on Russian energy resources

First Deputy Prime Minister Andrei Belousov. Archive photo

Peak EU restrictions on energy exports from Russia have in the fall, the Russian authorities are closely monitoring the situation, said first Deputy Prime Minister Andrei Belousov at the Presidium of the government Commission to increase the stability of the Russian economy in conditions of sanctions.

“The next moment probably the most problematic of all, and it also requires quite intensive support measures is the situation with the export, which is divided into two parts: part related to oil exports and energy, if we take the wider industry, coal industry, which we were under embargo, and as we all know, Europeans are now to decide what to do, because they understand that the situation with the provision of energy in Europe… located on the beyond the low level, critical, and winter is… And prices: we see what is happening with gas prices on the spot market and in other markets”, – said the first Deputy Prime Minister.

“The peak of these restrictions is in the fall, and we therefore there is need to look carefully at how the situation will develop,” he added.