The American spied on naked tourists through a hidden camera and got caught by the police

In Chicago, a man was detained for installing hidden cameras in beach shower cabins in the USA, the police detained a man who installed a hidden surveillance camera in beach shower cabins.

This is reported by the MSN news portal.

According to the publication, a resident of New Hampshire, 58-year-old Dana Alan Caruso (Dana Alan Caruso) repeatedly spied on naked tourists on the beach of Sanibel Island in Florida.

The hidden camera was discovered on July 28 — it was disguised as a fire safety sensor. Some time later, on August 9, the police were able to identify Caruso. As a result, the man was detained at the airport in Chicago when he was caught by law enforcement agencies. The American faces criminal liability.

Earlier in June, security expert Thorin Klosowski told how to find hidden cameras in hotels and holiday homes as quickly as possible. According to him, the fastest way to detect them is with a flashlight — it is enough to thoroughly investigate suspicious places in the “most private” rooms, for example, a bedroom or a bathroom.