Polish beverage manufacturer halted production due to CO2 shortage

Girl drinking lemonade. Archive photo

The biggest Polish manufacturer of soft drinks Ambra told to stop production because of a shortage of carbon dioxide.

The company owns such popular brands like Cin&Cin, Dorato, Fresco, Piccolo.”Need carbon dioxide in the process of production of carbonated soft drinks. The current lack of carbon dioxide has led to the fact that the production of these drinks was stopped,” — said in a release.

Ambra is shipping now to customers previously manufactured products, which will last for a few weeks.

“However, in the case of an extension deficit of carbon dioxide stocks are depleted and the sale may be suspended,” the report States.

Ambra also said that they are looking for alternative sources of carbon dioxide and changes in production processes to reduce the consumption of CO2.

Earlier, the Polish fertilizer producers Azoty and ANWIL said that stop the production of nitrogen fertilizers, caprolactam and polyamide due to a sharp rise in price of natural gas. This led to the termination of the supply of by-product of the production of carbon dioxide, which is used in the dairy and meat industry.

Monday ANWIL said that resumes production despite the high cost of gas.

Gazprom 27 APR halted gas exports Polish PGNiG due to non-payment of deliveries under a new scheme in rubles. Poland had previously received from Russia to ten billion cubic meters of gas pipeline “Yamal — Europe”. The authorities are hoping to offset this amount with the help of the Baltic Pipe gas pipeline, with the Norwegian shelf via Denmark.