Hardware and software complexes may be included in the register of Russian software

The man working at the laptop . Archive photo

The Ministry of digital development proposed in the register of Russian software hardware-software systems, this will allow developers to qualify for tax benefits for IT professionals, announced Minsitry.

“Now to the registry will include hardware and software complexes (PAC). This, in particular, we need to ensure that developers and manufacturers Packs could claim the same tax benefits, and that the developers of their own. Appropriate changes to the Tax code, the proposed Minsitry, was adopted in July 2022”, – stated in the message in the Telegram channel of the Ministry.

For example, for software and hardware systems includes video surveillance systems or medical diagnostics. As explained in Mentiri, the changes will also apply to the software associated with the field of artificial intelligence in the registry entry “will turn on the corresponding characteristic”. The registry also will present data on interest deductions to foreign owners. As recalled in the Ministry, “they should be no more than 30% of the annual revenue that this software brings.”

“To minimize the risk of sanctions in respect of Russian developers in the registered records may not be published details about the owner of its name, INN, and more. For that, the right holder must submit to Minsitry a reasoned request”,- added in the message.

The register of Russian IN public electronic system of accounting software that is officially recognised produced in Russia. The share of Russians in the developer should be at least 50%. From registry have priority in the procurement of government agencies and state-owned corporations and are not subject to VAT.

The authorities of the Russian Federation in the conditions of anti-Russian sanctions adopted a series of measures to support companies in the IT industry. Under these instructions Minsitry of the Russian Federation of may 31, has created a unique site with information on discounted mortgage for IT professionals where you can learn, in particular, whether the company is in the list meets the terms of such mortgage. Deputy Minister Maxim Parshin reminded that the total amount of loans amount to more than 240 billion rubles, in particular, by 2024 the program of preferential mortgage, and not less than 50 thousand specialists.