The Yeltsin Center guard who ruined the painting was sentenced to correctional labor

The former Yeltsin Center guard received 180 hours of correctional labor after defacing the painting, the former Yeltsin Center guard Alexander Vasiliev, who ruined the painting “Three Figures” by Kazimir Malevich’s student Anna Leporskaya, was sentenced to correctional labor.

This is reported by the Telegram channel SHOT.

After the damage to the canvas, a 63-year-old man received 180 hours of correctional labor, and was also sent for compulsory treatment. He himself was not present at the announcement of the court’s decision. Earlier, Vasiliev had already apologized for his act and sent 5,000 rubles to the Tretyakov Gallery fund.

On January 13, it became known that the canvas of a student of the artist Kazimir Malevich was damaged in the Yeltsin Center. Vasiliev drew eyes with a ballpoint pen on the abstract faces of two figures on the canvas. He explained that he did it at the request of teenagers.

“There are kids aged 16-17, discussing why there are no eyes, mouth, no beauty! There were girls in the company, and they asked me: “Draw your eyes, you work here.” I asked them: “Are these your works?” They: “Yes.” They gave me a pen. I drew the eyes. I thought it was just their children’s drawings!” the man confessed.

Alexander Vasiliev is a veteran of the first Chechen War, awarded the medal “For Bravery” for a severe wound received in 1995. Before working at the Yeltsin Center, he served as a security guard for a bank that later closed, before that he worked in various security companies.