Orlov: the campaign “Buy Amur” covered all municipalities of the Amur region

The Governor of the Amur region Vasily Orlov. Archive photo

Action “Buy the Amur” was held in all municipalities of the Amur region, according to the Governor Vasily Orlov.

Regional anti-crisis action “Buy the Amur” was launched in April. On the shelves of the local production began to celebrate the special green price tag. The government agreed with retailers and manufacturers on the establishment of maximum value for certain groups of food products. It is noted that the action connected weekly new retail facilities.”To the “Buy Amur” joined all of the municipalities in the region. Green price tags on products can be seen at 465 stores. The action is demanded, therefore it must not only continue, but also to give it a new shape. For example, to work with local businesses the possibility of applying the logo directly on the packaging,” Orlov quoted by his press service.

According to the Governor, the brand “Made in Amur region” should be recognized outside of the region. “We have a large number of products are exported to the Russian regions and abroad,” – said the head of the field.

As told by the Minister of economic development and foreign relations of the region Oksana Kokshenev unchanged until the end of September, the stores will remain cost 31 local commodity. These include certain types of eggs, cereals, confectionery, soya oil, and meat and dairy products.

In July, the government of the region informed that the decision to extend the action to the end of the year.

“Buy Amur” the results of national monitoring Expert of the Institute of social studies, entered the Top-5 of the best regional anti-crisis practices.