Russian interceptors will be trained to search for hypersonic targets

Izvestia: MiG-31BM pilots have started training to search for hypersonic weapons The flight crew of the MiG-31BM aircraft has started training to detect hypersonic targets at altitudes over 10 thousand meters.

This is reported by Izvestia with reference to military sources.

According to experts, this aircraft is ideal for countering hypersonic weapons, which is now a necessity. If the training of Russian ultra-high-altitude interceptors is successful, it will significantly strengthen Russia’s defense against possible threats, experts believe. To date, the crews have already managed to fix a super-high-speed target at an altitude of 16 thousand meters during the exercises, the newspaper writes.

The first MiG-31BM training to search for hypersonic weapons and their carriers took place last year in the stratosphere near the Arctic Circle, when they managed to intercept and destroy a target at high altitude. This year, it was decided to conduct exercises on a regular basis, sources say. “Today, everyone who can is trying to create hypersonic weapons. Russian crews need to have the skills to intercept such targets. The MiG-31BM is ideal for this kind of task. Potentially, they can shoot down targets that many other fighters cannot destroy. This is a very promising machine,” said Honored Test Pilot Igor Malikov.

Ten years ago, the MiG-31 could have been abandoned, but it was decided to leave the aircraft. Some of the sides were modified and equipped with hypersonic ammunition. The rest will be upgraded to the MiG-31BM level. In particular, the Zaslon-M radar is installed on the aircraft, which allows you to find targets more than 300 kilometers away and fire at six objects at once. The crew can receive data from ground-based radars and automated control systems, the article says.

In August, the First Deputy Secretary of Defense of the United States Kathleen Hicks announced the work of the United States on means to combat hypersonic weapons. She shared that “serious funds” were provided for these purposes.