The newest British aircraft carrier broke down shortly after sailing

The Telegraph: The aircraft carrier HMS Prince of Wales, heading for the United States, broke down after sailing The newest aircraft carrier of the Royal Navy of Great Britain, HMS Prince of Wales (“Prince of Wales”), worth 3 billion pounds (about 3.5 billion dollars), broke down off the coast of England shortly after sailing from Portsmouth.

This became known to the British newspaper The Daily Telegraph.

It is noted that the ship left on Saturday, August 28, in the direction of the United States to participate in joint exercises with the American and Canadian military. As a representative of the Royal Navy told the publication, there was a mechanical problem. He did not specify what kind of breakdown he was talking about. Currently, the aircraft carrier is anchored off the Isle of Wight in the English Channel.

According to unofficial data, the ship’s right propeller shaft could have been damaged. As the newspaper notes, the repair of the aircraft carrier may take several days. After that, HMS Prince of Wales will continue to move to the other side of the Atlantic. It is expected that the ship will be used for training flights from its deck of F-35 aircraft and UAVs.

In 2020, the aircraft carrier HMS Prince of Wales was sent for long-term repairs after water got into the engine room. Then the aircraft carrier’s fire extinguishing system failed, which caused tons of water to flood the engine room and the ship’s power supply systems throughout the day.