Three more vessels with the extension were allowed to leave Ukraine

The SCC agreed on the exit of three vessels from the ports of Ukraine within the framework of a food deal, the Local Coordination Center (SCC) agreed on the exit of three vessels with food from the ports of Ukraine within the framework of a food deal.

RIA Novosti writes about this.

“The Joint Coordination Center authorized today the departure of three vessels carrying a total of 72,985 tons of grain and food products within the framework of the Black Sea grain initiative,” the center reported.

The KARTERIA vessel will transport 37,500 tons of wheat from the Yuzhny port to Turkey, which was purchased by the World Food Program. After arriving at your destination, the grain will be ground into flour and sent to Yemen. PEACE M and ASH BALTIC ships will leave Odessa, one of which will deliver 24,485 tons of corn to Romania, and the other will go to Egypt with 11,000 tons of corn.

It is also reported about the delay in the departure of the ANASTASIA ship, which was supposed to depart from Chernomorsk to Turkey with 3.8 tons of wheat on August 28. Its release was postponed to August 29. “As of August 28, the total tonnage of grain and other food products exported from three Ukrainian ports is 1,249,780 tons. A total of 114 flights are currently allowed (62 incoming and 52 outgoing),” the SCC noted.

The agreement on grain exports via the Black Sea was signed by Russia, Ukraine, Turkey and the UN on July 22 in Istanbul. According to the document, Russia and Ukraine cannot strike ships exporting food.