Poland faces a halt in the production of cheese and meat products

Manufacture of cheese. Archive photo

Polish businesses can stop the production of cheeses and pre-Packed meat products in two to three weeks due to the cessation of production of nitrogen fertilizers, the newspaper reports Virtual Poland.

Earlier, the Polish fertilizer producers Azoty and ANWIL said that stop the production of nitrogen fertilizers, caprolactam and polyamide in connection with the sharp increase in the price of natural gas. This led to the termination of the supply of by-product of the production of carbon dioxide, which is used in the dairy and meat industry. Newspaper Rzeczpospolita reported that in Poland it is to stay Breweries and dairy plants.

If the production of nitrogen the plants will not return to previous levels, then two to a maximum of three weeks, the residents of Poland will not be able to buy in stores of many famous products, among other things, cheese or meat, the newspaper writes.

“As for the dairy industry, here we have two questions. First, is the absence of carbon dioxide, used for the gas mixture used during the packing of the products. Second, this lack of means for cleaning of the production lines,” the publication said the Chairman of the Polish chamber of breast Agnieszka Maliszewska.

“All of this can cause a huge problem with food production. Production lines must be cleaned constantly after each finished batch. This is necessary to ensure safety and hygiene,” she explained.

According to Malishevskii, at the dairies are no large reserves of carbon dioxide. In this regard, the Polish chamber of milk, together with other companies in the agricultural sector appealed to Prime Minister Mateusz Morewelcome to convene an urgent meeting of the government and to take immediate action.

In turn, the Chairman of the Polish Association of butchers and sausage makers Janusz Rodzevich noted that threatened and production of packaged meat and sausage products.

“In case of cold cuts of meat and production of packaged products is under threat. And we know that many people used to buy small packets of your favorite meats or sausage. Nobody expected such decisions. This is a huge blow to the industry,” he said.

“It will affect everyone from consumers to farmers. We hope that there will be at least a partial delivery. Otherwise, foreign manufacturers will take over the market, and to get back at him would be difficult,” concluded Rodzevich.