European countries with the highest unemployment rate are named

Greece and Spain recorded the highest unemployment rates in Europe, Greece and Spain recorded the highest unemployment rates in Europe — 12.7 and 13.3 percent, respectively.

This is reported by RIA Novosti.

These European countries are called the main “idlers” in the European Union. It is noted that Greece is currently at the height of the tourist season, but there are not enough service personnel. This is due to the fact that many Greeks decided to retrain. In addition, young people are dissatisfied with salaries in the country and do not associate their future with Greece.

“Two unsuccessful summers have passed. The pandemic has prompted people seasonally employed in the tourism industry to retrain for other specialties. Now there are many times fewer people who want to work in a cafe or hotel,” said Tatiana, a resident of Corfu. She noted that the residents of Greece are dissatisfied not so much with unemployment as with the rise in the cost of living. Electricity, gas, gasoline and food prices are rising in the country.

Cornucopia Because of the coronavirus, countries began to give people money just like that. How will this save the world economy on May 30, 2020 In Spain, there are problems with vacancies related to highly qualified specialties.

At the same time, unlike the Greeks, Spaniards do not seek to move to another country, but often move within their own: southern Spaniards go to the north, northern — to the south. Madrid resident Juan claims that the authorities are trying to solve the problem of unemployment.

In Spain, there are analogs of the labor exchange, in which citizens are told about government vacancies.

Alexey Kuznetsov, Head of the Center for European Studies of the IMEMO RAS, noted that the traditional unemployment in Spain and Greece is explained by their economic structure. “For example, in Spain, for a long time, the issue of employment was solved by inflating the construction sector and tourism. This has led to the emergence of jobs with low qualifications. Such an approach cannot develop the economy indefinitely, and when something happens, the percentage of layoffs instantly increases,” he said. In Greece, according to Kuznetsov, people have no motivation to get new specialties. Unemployment benefits play a role in this.