Pushkov responded to the statement of the Moldovan politician on gas supplies

Senator of the Russian Federation, Chairman of the Commission on information policy and interaction with mass media of the Federation Council Alexei Pushkov. Archive photo

Senator Aleksey Pushkov commented on the statement of the leader of the Moldovan opposition party “shore” Ilan Shor, the readiness to come to Moscow for talks on gas supplies.

As noted politician in his Telegram-channel, a similar request in the conditions when the country is not able to pay on time supply of gas and to pay the accumulated debt, means that Russia “needs to subsidize” the presidency of Maia Sandu.

Pushkov called such a scenario is odd, since the Moldovan leader, he recalled, adheres to a Pro-Western orientation and does not hide bad attitude to Russia.

“What’s the point us to maintain the supply of gas Pro-Western course of the current of Moldova?” – he wondered.

According to him, in response, Moscow will not receive anything except strengthen the Pro-Western course. “So do we need to Fund such a course?” – concluded the Senator.

“Ready to go to Moscow”

On Saturday, the leader of the opposition in Moldova, the party “shore” Ilan Shor announced that he was ready to go to Moscow for talks on gas.

The announcement came in the context of the 31st anniversary of the independence Day of the Republic, which is celebrated on Saturday in Moldova. Shore criticized the authorities of the country.

“As an independent country whose leadership issue from abroad money to so-called cheap democracy and maintaining a wobbly economy? In the end, as it can be an independent country, where people promise this cold winter, they won’t be able to move in winter, stoves firewood?… I am ready to go to Moscow for talks on gas supplies to Moldova on terms that will not destroy our independence, to humiliate the citizens of our country and cripple our economy,” he stated in a video message, which he published on his Telegram channel.

The search for alternatives

Moldova is not going to abandon negotiations with “Gazprom”, but is also interested in alternative energy sources, including from Romania and Ukraine, said on Friday the speaker of Parliament Igor Grosu.

“Everything will depend on military action in Ukraine, from how it will affect the markets, how cold will the street… as for gas, we are negotiating to have alternative sources. We will continue the discussion with “Gazprom”. I know that “Moldovagaz” is in constant contact with Gazprom, the audit of the debt. We are open to further discussion,” said Grosso in Chisinau air channel Prime.

He noted that the government is seeking alternative supplies of gas from Romania, however, considers the offer of purchase of electricity from Ukraine.

“We continue to look for alternative sources of gas, including from Romania. With regard to electricity, then, in my opinion, the situation is better, because in Ukraine there is a surplus of electricity, and Ukraine is looking for export opportunities,” said the Moldovan speaker.

On the quest for alternative sources of gas previously stated and she Maia Sandu. “I want to emphasize that waiting for your help in resolving crises facing the country, especially with the crisis in the energy sector. We need alternative sources, we need short-term and long-term solutions to ensure energy security of the country,” she said last week at a meeting with the ambassadors who came to Chisinau to determine the priorities of the foreign policy of the country.

In her opinion, the ambassadors can help you find these solutions in the countries where they are.

The contract with “Gazprom”

Gazprom and Moldovagaz 29 Oct 2021 after lengthy negotiations extended the contract for the supply of gas for a period of five years starting on 1 November of that year subject to the audit of the company’s debt Moldovagaz in 2022.”Gazprom”, stated that in view of the situation in Moldova, it was decided to sign a contract almost to the conditions of Chisinau, but subject to the timely payment in full of current payments. While Gazprom has the opportunity at any time to stop the supply of gas to the Republic.

In November, the Republic has had problems with the transfer of payments on time, needed a reprieve. In January, “Moldovagaz” once again faced with difficulties in the repayment of the payment to Gazprom, the Parliament enacted a state of emergency for 60 days.

In the beginning of the week “Moldovagaz” addressed to “Gazprom” with the request to postpone until the end of the fourth quarter of advance payments for August and September. Gazprom exceptionally delayed payment period of advance payment for gas regulated to 1 September, however, expects the Moldovan side will fulfill its contractual obligations.