For the nationalization of Gazprom Germania, a holding company was created, the media reported

The main gas pipeline “Nord stream” in the German town of Lubmin. Archive photo

The German government secretly created a holding company for possible operational nationalization of the company Securing Energy for Europe (SEFE) – former German daughter Gazprom Gazprom Germania GmbH, told the newspaper Welt am Sonntag, citing caught up in it by the articles of incorporation.

Holding is almost the same name: 3 June the company (VERONIKA Zweiunddreizigste Vermögensverwaltungsgesellschaft) was renamed in Securing Energy for Europe Holding GmbH (SEEHG). The managing Directors of the company are two lawyers of the law firm CMS Hasche Sigle.

“The company’s goal is to ensure the reliability of supply in the energy sector”, – quotes the Welt am Sonntag quote from the founding documents of the holding. The newspaper writes with reference to the paper that the purpose of the holding “is the acquisition, ownership and management of the investments of the company.”

The Federal Ministry of Economics (BMWK) confirmed the Welt am Sonntag that they were aware of the basis of the holding company. She “was completed in may 2022 exclusively as a precaution for any restructuring actions,” said the Agency, adding that at the moment of “no relationship”. The firm CMS Hasche Sigle, declined to comment on the issue, the newspaper writes.

The Russian government in may approved a list of 31 companies that are subject to retaliatory sanctions. List of Gazprom Germania GmbH (ceased to be a structure of “Gazprom” 31 March) and were part of its group of companies. Gazprom has lost ownership of Gazprom Germania at the end of March after media reports about the past in her searches. And already on 4 April, the German authorities took Gazprom Germania under the temporary stewardship management, deeming invalid the acquisition of the company without the permission of the new investors.

In June, the German government decided to extend the control of the Board of Trustees of the former German division of Gazprom Gazprom Germania Gmbh and highlight the company’s loan to avoid bankruptcy, reported in the press service of the Cabinet. The company was renamed in Securing Energy for Europe GmbH.