In Europe, against the background of drought, there was a boom in “dry tourism”

ATOR reported that against the background of drought in Europe, there is a boom in “dry tourism”

In Europe, against the background of drought, there has been a boom in “dry tourism”, when travelers can observe warships of the Second World War, ancient megaliths and ruins of churches in dry and shallow riverbeds and reservoirs. This was reported by the Association of Tour Operators of Russia (ATOR).

For example, in the Serbian Prahovo, the water level in the Danube decreased and exposed 20 warships of Nazi Germany, flooded in 1944 during the retreat. Most of the vessels are covered with sandbanks, but some of the masts and command bridges protrude above the water. The problem is that the vessels were flooded with warheads, so the careless behavior of divers and tourists can provoke their detonation.

“Russians walked for everything”Europe has lost Russian tourists. Why did this make the locals grieve?On July 2, 2022 in Spain, due to drought, the prehistoric dolmen of Guadalperal, which is called the Spanish Stonehenge, became visible.

Archaeologists and travelers are in a hurry to study relics that have appeared to the world only four times.

At the Sau reservoir, the Church of San Roma appeared from under the water, which has become a new local landmark. However, the mayor of Vilanova de Sau, Joan Riera, intends to limit the flow of those who want to see her. Tourists leave behind garbage, trample the banks in an attempt to get to the church and increase water consumption by renting housing in a locality.

In Italy, the shallow Tiber River showed a flooded Roman bridge of the I century BC, and in the UK it became possible to observe the ruins of a Welsh village flooded in the XIX century.

In Germany, due to the lowered water level in the Rhine, the organizers of river cruises had problems. Motor ships are used as floating hotels, and tourists are transported along the route by buses. In France, the Loire River has partially dried up, and in the south of the country, the famous fountain of Pern-le-Fontaine was forced to turn them off.

Earlier it became known that a list of celebrities who violated the rules on limiting water consumption introduced during the drought was compiled in the United States. The list includes models Kim and Kourtney Kardashian, actor Sylvester Stallone.