The main danger of nuts is named

Allergist Popovich said that nuts can cause a strong allergic reactionallergologist-immunologist Alexey Popovich, in an interview with RT, called the main danger posed by nuts.

According to him, they can cause a severe allergic reaction, including anaphylaxis.

“Nuts are very strong allergens. First of all, these include hazelnuts, which can even cause anaphylaxis, as well as peanuts — this is not a nut, but a legume plant, but it is he who is included in the “big eight” allergens. Also, walnuts and pine nuts can cause allergies,” the specialist said.

Among the low-allergenic nuts, he named macadamia, Brazil nuts and cashews. Popovich also urged allergy sufferers to pay special attention to the labels of any food consumed.

Earlier, a nutritionist, MD Margarita Koroleva said that nuts should be soaked in water before use. In her opinion, the maximum health benefits can be extracted from dried nuts if you soak them in water at room temperature for at least four hours.