The Federation Council responded to a request from Moldova for Russian gas supplies

Senator Pushkov condemned the support of Moldovan President Sandu due to gas supplies from Russia Senator Alexey Pushkov commented on the request of the leader of the opposition party of Moldova “Shor” Ilan Shor, who made a request to resume Russian gas supplies to the country.

The politician spoke about this in his official Telegram channel.

“Actually subsidize”

Pushkov responded to Shor’s request for gas supplies from Russia and condemned the support of the Moldovan authorities in this way. He recalled that at the moment Chisinau cannot make fuel payments on time, as well as repay the debt. The member of the Federation Council added that this means that Moscow “should actually subsidize” the policy of Moldovan President Maya Sandu.

It looks strange, because Sandu does not hide his orientation and his bad attitude towards Russia. What is the point of us supporting the pro-Western course of the current Moldova with gas supplies?

Alexey Pushkovsenator According to the senator, in response to fuel supplies, Moscow will only meet the strengthening of Chisinau’s pro-Western course.

“We can’t expect any gratitude or policy changes from Sandu. So do we need to finance such a course?” he wondered.

On August 27, the head of the Moldovan opposition party “Shor” Ilan Shor announced his readiness to go to Russia to participate in negotiations on a mutually beneficial gas contract for the republic.

He asked the Russian government of Russia and Gazprom to “warm the houses” and help Moldova find true independence.

I am personally ready to go to Moscow for negotiations on gas supplies to Moldova on terms that will not destroy our independence, humiliate the citizens of our country and cripple our economy. Ilan Shorlider of the Shor party

Shor expressed confidence that Moldova “can conclude a mutually beneficial agreement with Gazprom.”

Agreements between Russia and Moldavia In October 2021, Gazprom signed a new long-term contract with Chisinau, according to which the purchase price is reviewed monthly and calculated taking into account current market quotations.

Fuel tariffs for citizens have increased sixfold over the past year, according to Maya Sandu.

A firm answer.Why does Russia issue an ultimatum to Europe and demand payment for gas in rubles?March 30, 2022 Moldova is currently experiencing an energy crisis due to the rise in price of energy carriers.

Residents of the country began to stock up on firewood before winter. Former head of the country Igor Dodon called for improving relations with Russia to bring the country out of the crisis.

The situation in Moldavia28 July, the Moldovan government extended the state of emergency until the end of September due to Russia’s special military operation in Ukraine.

It was first introduced on February 24 for the same reason.

Perhaps no country has suffered as much as Moldova from rising prices and uncertainty about energy supplies.

Maya Sandupresident of Moldavia On August 1, Moldova announced an increase in the price of Russian gas to 1,458.5 US dollars per thousand cubic meters.

The price in July, according to preliminary estimates, was supposed to reach $ 980 per thousand cubic meters.