In Brazil, the suspect in the death of the husband of the German consul was released

Reuters: A Brazilian court has released German consul Hanna, a suspect in the death of her husband, a Brazilian court has released German consul Uwe Herbert Hanna, detained because of the death of his husband.

This is reported by Reuters.

The decision to release the diplomat was made by Judge Rosa Helena Gita due to the fact that the prosecutor’s office missed the initial deadline for bringing charges. At the same time, the agency noted that it had not been approached with such a request.

In early August, Hann was detained in Rio de Janeiro on suspicion of murdering the husband of Belgian Walter Henri Maximilien Biot.

The man’s death occurred on August 5. Hann called rescuers and said that his spouse felt bad and fell to the floor. When the paramedics arrived at the scene, he was dead, and injuries were found on the body.