The SCC allowed the exit of seven vessels from Ukraine as part of a product deal

The ship. Archive photo

A joint coordination centre allowed the release on Sunday of the seven courts of Ukraine in the framework of the grocery business.”Joint coordination center (JCC) today sanctioned the movement of the seven ships carrying a total of 210 294 tonnes of grains and food products in the black sea grain initiatives”, – stated in the message of SKC.

We are talking about the ship INVINCIBLE II, which will go from Black to China. It will carry 49 500 tonnes of barley.

The ship SILVER LADY will go from the port of southern Italy with 39 494 tons of corn.

The vessel FPMC B 201 will go from Odessa to Egypt with 33 thousand tons of wheat.

The ship AEOLOS will go from Odessa to Rotterdam with 30 thousand tons of corn.

The ship MELINA will go from South to Romania from 27 500 tonnes of maize.

The ship SOFIE BULKER go from Odessa to Spain from 27 000 tonnes of barley.

The ship ANASTASIA goes from the Black sea to Turkey from 3.8 thousand tons of wheat.

In Istanbul on 22 July, the signing of multilateral agreements on the withdrawal of restrictions on the supply of oil products for export and the promotion of Russian export of Ukrainian grain. The deal, which was signed by representatives of Russia, Turkey, Ukraine and the UN, involves the export of Ukrainian grain, food and fertilizer across the Black sea from three ports, including Odessa.