The danger of frequent tea consumption is named

Nutritionist Ponomareva said that frequent use of tea leads to the appearance of stains on the teeth, nutritionist Vasilisa Ponomareva, in an interview with Medic Forum, called the danger of too frequent use of tea.

According to her, in the case of regular consumption of the drink, spots appear on the teeth, due to which cracks or caries may occur in the future.

“It may seem surprising that tea stains teeth more than coffee, and that’s because it contains an ingredient called tannin. Although tannin can help get rid of bacteria in the mouth and fight tooth decay, it can also lead to plaque formation on the enamel, which will cause teeth staining. It goes without saying that the stronger and darker the tea, the higher the probability of discoloration,” the specialist said.

She added that in addition to staining, one should be wary of cracks in the teeth and even caries, since the drink wears out their protective enamel. Ponomareva advised those who drink tea with sugar to replace it with a sweetener that does not contain sugar, since a large amount of it leads to the appearance of caries, especially in the case of frequent tea parties.

Earlier, nutritionist Evgeny Arzamassev warned that tea provokes insomnia and pressure drops. According to the nutritionist, tea contains special tannins — tannins, which act as antioxidants.