Bulgaria refused to discuss a new gas contract with Gazprom

Deputy Prime Minister of Bulgaria Alexiev announced his refusal to discuss a new agreement with Gazprom, Deputy Prime Minister for Economic Policy of the Technical government of Bulgaria Hristo Alexiev said that the country refused to discuss a new gas contract with Russian Gazprom.

His words are quoted on the website of the Government of the Republic.

The Deputy Prime Minister clearly stated that the Bulgarian government does not intend to negotiate a new short-term, medium-term or long-term contract with Gazprom Export, but only talks about obtaining volumes under the current contract, the Bulgarian government Alexiev said at a meeting with the head of the European Commission’s Energy Directorate, Ditte Juhl-Jorgensen, that the technical government will not deal with issues of gas agreements.

The Bulgarian Deputy Prime Minister noted that representatives of the European Commission were familiar with Sofia’s approach to ensuring supplies in the short and long term.

The long-term plan provides for the announcement of international tenders for the supply of liquefied gas. It is assumed that the technical government will launch the procedure, but the decision to conclude such an agreement will be made by the newly elected government of Bulgaria, Bulgaria has also confirmed its interest in participating in the mechanism of joint energy procurement, the creation of which is planned within the framework of the Energy Platform of the European Union.

Nord Stream resumed work after repairs.How will this affect the gas crisis in Europe?Bulgaria is ready to resume negotiations on July 21, 2022, but without concluding a new contract Bulgaria is ready to resume negotiations with Gazprom, but without concluding a new contract, the country’s Energy minister Rosen Hristov said on August 26.

We have made it clear that we want to start negotiations or, rather, continue them in order to clarify some controversial conditions. We just sent information that we were ready for discussion and asked them to renew the contract, but Hristov, the Minister of Energy of Bulgaria, Hristov noted that active negotiations are not currently underway.

The Bulgarian side expects a response by Monday. Sofia proposes to extend the transfer of the remaining volumes under the agreement by 2023.

The Minister of Energy allowed the resumption of gas supplies in the first half of August.

The collapse of hopes.How did the pandemic and sanctions against Russia deal a crushing blow to the global economy?On June 21, 2022, the situation with supplies to Bulgaria ceased to receive Russian gas from April 27, after the country did not transfer the contract with Russia to the ruble form of payment.

Sofia noted that Moscow’s request violates the terms of the agreement.

At the end of July, Russian Ambassador to Bulgaria Eleonora Mitrofanova said that Russian gas supplies to Bulgaria will be resumed if payment is made according to the scheme that meets the requirements of Gazprom.

On August 9, the director of the Bulgarian company Bulgargaz, Lyudmila Yotsov, admitted that he was not serious about the official letter from Gazprom Export about paying for Russian gas in rubles.

Bulgaria is facing a gas crisis: fuel prices are expected to rise sharply in August, said Ivan Topchiysk, chairman of the Board of Directors of Bulgargaz. According to him, now the country is experiencing a 40 percent gas shortage by the beginning of the heating season.