Independent foreign policy will help Hungary in recession, Szijjarto said

The Minister of foreign Affairs and foreign economic relations of Hungary péter Szijjártó. Archive photo

The Minister of foreign Affairs and foreign economic relations of Hungary péter Szijjártó said that due to the independent foreign policy, political stability, access to energy and ability to cope with the crises the country will become the “local exception” in the period of European recession.

“In a continental recession Hungary is a local exception… the Question is why and how we can achieve, I would say, we will succeed. And there are four reasons why Hungary is going to be successful in this coming new world order: we, in my opinion, the world Champions in managing economic crises… second, we have and the energy that we can use for the normal operation of the country and the economy; thirdly, we have own nationally oriented, and not dictated by the centers of power in foreign policy; and the fourth in Hungary there is political stability, and as a consequence, political courage,” said Szijjártó, speaking at a public forum “Transit” in Tihany. Stream presentations were made on social media.

As an example, the Minister cited the fact that in 2021, when the world was in recession because of the coronavirus epidemic, became the Hungarian economy to be the most successful over the last 30 years: the economy grew by more than seven percent, the employment rate had reached 4.7 million people, the amount of exports amounted to 119 billion euros.

Earlier, Prime Minister of Hungary Viktor Orban, in his annual speech in the Romanian town of Baile Tusnad, said that anti-Russian sanctions has not shaken Moscow, and Europe has already lost four of government and is located in the economic and political crisis.

After the start of military operations on denazification and demilitarization of Ukraine the West intensified sanctions pressure on Russia. Violation of supply chains has led to a rise in the price of fuel and food in Europe and the United States that has hit millions of households.