Tourists were poisoned en masse in a Montenegrin hotel

RTCG: 96 tourists from European countries were poisoned in a large hotel in Budva and got to the hospital, about 100 tourists from Europe were poisoned in a large hotel in the “tourist capital” of Montenegro — the city of Budva, RTCG TV channel reports.

According to journalists, 96 people reported similar symptoms of poisoning after eating at the hotel where they lived. Several dozen of them were hospitalized. “Last night, on August 26, at about 22:00 (23:00 Moscow time), 30 patients with acute diarrheal syndrome and vomiting were brought to the hospital in Kotor,” the report says.

Doctors conducted a comprehensive diagnosis. Tourists came to Budva from Poland, Italy and Croatia. Since most of them stayed at the hotel for a short time, during the day they massively sought help at hospitals on the coast of the country in the cities of Cetinje, Bar and Kotor.

Earlier in the UK, 24 tourists went with chlorine after visiting the spa area in a luxury hotel and were hospitalized.