France and Germany wanted to urge the EU to continue issuing visas to Russians

France and Germany will advocate the issuance of visas to Russians not affiliated with the Governmentfrance and Germany will call on the European Union (EU) to continue issuing visas to Russians.

The corresponding document appeared at the disposal of Bloomberg.

It is noted that representatives of these countries plan to make an appeal to allow entry into the EU to categories of citizens not associated with the government. First of all, we are talking about students, artists, scientists and qualified specialists.

“Understanding the concerns of some [EU] member states in this context, we should not underestimate the transformative power of life experience in democratic systems, especially for future generations,” the appeal says.

Earlier in August, it was reported that European countries are increasingly divided in opinion on the introduction of a ban on the issuance of Schengen visas to Russians. Thus, the Welt publication noted that while countries “with painful memories of the time under Soviet rule” insist on a complete ban on Schengen, Western European states such as Germany, France and the Netherlands oppose it. Estonia closed the first border for Russians — since August 18, Russian citizens with a Schengen visa issued in the Baltic Republic have been banned from entering the state.