Britons were advised to caulk windows to save electricity

Battery. Archive photo

Newspaper Evening Standard published an article that gave the British more than 20 tips on energy savings amid rising bills.

On Friday, British energy regulator Ofgem has announced an increase in maximum size of energy bills for consumers by 80% since October 1, because of the growth in global energy prices. Thus, the maximum invoice amount for the British can get in 1578 lbs (80%) more. The previous threshold energy prices amounted to 1971, the pound sterling. The head of energy regulator Jonathan Brierley warned that energy prices will likely continue to grow, and encouraged future Prime Minister of the country to take new steps to combat rising prices.”Winter is on the doorstep, and electricity bills at a record high – not the best combination in a crisis in the cost of living”, – writes the edition.

In particular, it offers to seal window and door cracks, unplug appliances from the network when not in use, switch to led light bulbs, washing dishes in a basin, shower and not the bathroom, turn on the heating in unoccupied rooms, and in the other to reduce the temperature.