The orthopedist listed the main causes of posture disorders in children

Orthopedist Batsalenko: the violation of posture in children is caused by growth spurts and lack of sport, the violation of posture in a child is caused by intense growth spurts and lack of regular sports, explained trauma therapist, orthopedist Nikolay Batsalenko.

In conversation with KP.EN he listed these and other main causes of scoliosis in children from 5 to 18 years.

In addition to rapid growth and insufficient physical activity, a violation of posture can be triggered by the incorrect position of the child’s body at the table during classes, the doctor said. According to him, many schoolchildren also carry a briefcase or backpack incorrectly. Carrying a satchel on one shoulder contributes to the body’s distortion, due to the fact that the extra weight puts a lot of pressure on the spine.

“In this area, world medicine has reached a dead end”Why do foreigners come to Russia for treatment?On November 20, 2020, in addition, after five years, when children have finally formed their feet, there is a danger of developing scoliosis due to flat feet, added Batsalenko.

Treatment of posture disorders is always only complex. According to the orthopedist, it should include the mandatory wearing of orthopedic insoles that will relieve the load from the foot, and a course of physiotherapy, in particular, massage and electrical stimulation. This measure is necessary to improve blood flow, relax overstressed muscle groups and tone up those who are constantly in a relaxed state. In addition, a course of physical therapy will be needed, aimed at ensuring that the child learns to automatically keep his back straight, Batsalenko summed up.

Earlier, neurosurgeon Grigory Evzikov named the main causes of back pain. According to him, it is most often associated with age-related wear of intervertebral discs and joints.